How To Find A CBD Doctor In Jacksonville

If you are like many Floridian's looking for information on CBD treatments and how they may benefit your health, you are at the right place.


North Florida Sports and Spine Center is leading paving the way for patients seeking relief from illness, using medical marijuana, (CBD and THC.)



The best way to proceed with medical marijuana treatments and proper CBD oil dosage, is by seeing our state licensed CBD doctors in our Jacksonville, FL location. Our specialist will evaluate your situation personally, to formulate the best cannabis-based treatment plan to alleviate your pain and suffering. 


CBD oil is legal in Jacksonville and can be used for an array of conditions. Recent studies by the National Insitute Of Health promotes the use of CBD as a healthy alternative to some traditional, more addictive treatments. The CBD expert doctors at our clinics have specialized training and real-world application of CBD and THC to promote an all-around healthy state of mind and body.


Medical marijuana is fast becoming a widely used treatment for many health conditions. Below are some of the health issues that are being successfully treated using both CBD and THC cannabis.


  • PTSD

  • Cancer and symptoms of chemotherapy

  • Insomnia

  • Inflammation

  • Fatigue

  • Chronic Pain

  • Anxiety

  • Depression 


As research continues more uses for CBD and THC marijuana are being discovered and patients in 29 states currently benefit from legal medical marijuana laws. Like in Jacksonville where we are allowed to recommend cannabis for Amendment 2 qualifiers and get people the relief they need for a happier life over-all.


You can also try CBD oil on your own since it's legal in all 50 states. If you want to see if CBD oil is right for you simply click here and buy CBD oil online with FREE shipping anywhere in Jacksonville and beyond!



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