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Florida Medical Marijuana Strains

[2019 Guide]

Learn What Medical Marijuana Strains are Best to Treat Pain, Anxiety, PTSD, Cancer, Parkinson's, Crohn's, Epilepsy, Insomnia, and more. 

Breaking News, the article below is on the cover of Pain Medicine News this month.  I have attached the link below.

Clinical Pain Medicine


OCTOBER 8, 2019

Medical Cannabis Found Safe and Effective for Treating Fibromyalgia

Medical cannabis to treat fibromyalgia symptoms was found safe and effective, according to a prospective, observational study.

Since 2017, medical marijuana became legal to use by qualifying patients, to treat a multitude of conditions under, SB 8-A, Florida's current medical marijuana laws. Patients who wish to obtain a medical marijuana card in Jacksonville, FL must be certified with a physician approved by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. 

Medical marijuana doctors may certify patients for marijuana treatments, who have been diagnosed with a debilitating illness, aka, a "qualifying condition".

Medical Marijuana Strains & The Conditions They Treat

[Jacksonville, FL]

One of the most common questions I get from patients in the office is “Which strain should I use?” or “What is the best strain for my condition?”  The answer is not so straight forward and is the reason that we have created this page for our patients.  At North Florida Sports and Spine Center we have the luxury of hearing what strains of medical marijuana are working for hundreds of patients in the area.  We take this information and post it on this continuously evolving page.  Below you will find real data and recommendations made by real patients in the area.  I always obtain a person’s express consent before posting anything and there is no obligation or pressure to provide any information.  That being said, I often find that many people are so pleased with the results they get using medical marijuana that they are happy to share information with others in the community. 

As you read through the recommendations below please keep a few things in mind:

  1. Medical Marijuana affects each person differently.  Although one person may experience certain effects from a strain that same strain may not have the same effect on another person with the same condition.

  2. These are only recommendations.  They are provided to help guide patients toward an optimal treatment regimen.  Each patient’s optimal regimen will vary based on their health, needs, and body chemistry.  If you are needing further assistance with optimizing your results please contact our office and we will schedule you for a follow-up visit.

  3. Medical Marijuana can be safely combined with most other medications.  Many patients tell me that they are able to decrease or stop other medications once they start using medical marijuana.  Sleep medication, anxiety, pain, antidepressants, hypertension, and diabetic medications are among the most common.  I always recommend discussing any changes in medication with the prescribing physician.

If you would like to share your recommendations regarding medical marijuana with others in the community please let us know at your next appointment and we will be happy post your results. 


Thank you in advance for helping others.

Dr. Henry

Florida MMJ Strains to Treat Patients with Cancer

As a medical doctor, I do not advise anyone with cancer to use medical marijuana as the sole treatment for cancer!  With that in mind, the cannabis plant does produce strong antioxidants which have been shown to have a protective effect against the free radicals that do cause cancer.  Medical Marijuana provides the most benefit when used in conjunction with other more traditional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  Patients receiving cancer treatment will find cannabis useful for alleviating the side effects of cancer treatment.  Nausea, insomnia, pain, neuropathy, loss of appetite, and decreased immunity are among the most common conditions treated with medical marijuana.  


North Florida Sport and Spine Center receives referrals from many great oncologists in the region. 


Every patient seen in the office will leave with a patient information sheet regarding your personal treatment plan and dosing.  In addition, we can send a letter to your treating oncologist regarding your treatment plan. 

  • "delta 8 doesn't mess with my head as much" it's rich in antioxidants, I use it to help protect against cancer recurrence.  N.D. 

  • Sativa concentrate through a vaporizer, one 2-second puff.  F.

  • "GDP increases my appetite and helps me sleep" A.C.

  • I use the RSO oil.  It was difficult to dose but it helped me get through chemotherapy.  M.H.

  • "MMJ really helped with the stress and anxiety leading up to surgery.  I mostly use a vaporizer.  I prefer Granddady Purple over 9lb Hammer because it helps me to relax and sleep but it's more gentle and mellow."  P.B.  

  • "The topical cream was a life saver after surgery."  Bladder Cancer Surgery, B.H.

Florida MMJ Strains for Anxiety, Depression

Since over 10-million Americans deal with some degree of anxiety, it's important to understand which marijuana strains in Florida can treat anxiety effectively. Moreover, some strains can actually produce anxiety and should be avoided by those who suffer from it already. Typically, Hybrid strains & Indica strains are a safe bet and produce anti-anxiety effects. Although, some Sativa dominant strains can be useful for anxiety symptoms as well. 


  • LA Confidential and Lemon OG work well for anxiety during the day. Anonymous

  • Gorilla Grapes is a good strain for sleep, I only take it after 9 pm.  D.R

  • Favorite Strain: 9lb Hammer used before bed.  Anonymous

  • I use CBD and Clementine during the day.  K.C.

  • "I use the ACDC strain because it does not give me the high effect but is very calming" L.M. 

  • "I didn't realize I was addicted to xanex for 10 years.  I am finally off xanex thanks to MMJ and living my best life now." M.T.

  • God's Gift oil, gives a milder high effect, helps with depression, anxiety, and sleep.  A.H.

  • "Sativa keeps me going, gives me energy."  S.C.

  • I use a strain called Fruity Pebbles to help manage stress and anxiety, "less spaz attacks"  K.G.

  • "I like the blue dream it helps me relax and focus"  S.U.

  • "JH (Jack Herer) does wonders for my depression and gives me a little more energy." CO2 vape pen K.M.

  • "CBD Oil & Vaping works well for anxiety" it doesn't give any high feeling and it is odorless.  Anonymous

  • "Sativa helps give me energy to use the gym" Y.S. 



Florida MMJ Strains for Blood Pressure

  • "Pineapple Express helps with my blood pressure and keeps me motivated during the day." Anonymous 

Best Florida MMJ Strains to Treat Pain

Many patients have become certified for medical marijuana to treat pain issues, and have found certain marijuana strains in Florida, work well to reduce pain and inflammation. Many of these strains contain high amounts of cannabinoids (CBD) known to significantly reduce inflammation and swelling, the number one contributor to chronic pain.


  •  "I use Sour Diesel for pain during the day, Girl Scout Cookie for sleep at night, and White Widow during the day because it has a less euphoric effect and more relief of body pain." N.D. 

  • "I use GCS 1:1 vape during the day." M.B. 

  • 9lb Hammer is good for pain and sleep.  L.F.

  • "I use GDP, vape and tincture" H.J. (Back-pain from multiple surgeries)

  • I use GCS 1:1 ceramic vape during the day to ease pain without causing any intoxicated feeling. 9lb Hammer oral drops are my favorite for sleep. Lemon Tree oral drops are good for inflammation and flare-ups of back pain arthritis pain.  L.B.

  • "Blue Dream is best for pain and neuropathy.  I believe it's a hybrid 70/30 sativa to indica."  T.B.

  • "I use 7mg of Sativa oil every morning for bone on bone knee arthritis.  It also helps with anxiety."  S.A.

  • I use the "oil drops, 0.5ml 3 x per day" for arthritis.  F.D.

  • Oregon Lemons, day time, arthritis pain.  Anonymous 

  • "Sativa during the day helps with back pain and keeps me going.  Afghan Kush helps with sleep."  D.F.

  •  For arthritis pain I use MMJ oil by mouth "Sativa 7mg in the morning, REM 7mg with 3-4 drops of Indica at bed time" Anonymous

  • "Topical Cream and 1:1 Tincture" these help the most with my pain, I have had 3 cervical spine surgeries. T.P.

  • "9lb hammer at night time, helps me manage side effects from opioid withdrawals.  Helps with sleep and pain.  Now I'm able to use less opioids." M.M. 


What Strain is Best for Neuropathy, Nerve Pain?

  • I use Lemon Haze during the day and Grand Daddy Purple at night before bed.  A.H. 

  • "Chemdawg during the day, 9lb Hammer at night." Anonymous

What Strain is Best for Migraines?

  • "Granddaddy purple is my favorite, I have a vape pen and the oil" A.J.

  • "Indica pills work best for my migraines" D.B.

  • "Blue Dream, Jack Herer" Migraines  S.G.

What Strain is Best for Sleep

  • "I use REM CBD tincture in the morning, and GDP oil 5mg (0.5mls) 30min before bed.  I use a 1:1 vape if I have to get up in the middle of the night."  C.D.

  • 9lb Hammer, Super Silver Haze.  H.E. 

  • "I'm getting the best sleep with the GDP strain" A.G.

  • "Pineapple Express, relaxing and helps with sleep" W.F.

  • "9lb Hammer and GDP both work well for sleep, GDP is a little better."  S.C.

  • "9lb Hammer is too much, GDP is softer and works better" F.P.


Florida MMJ Strains for ADHD

  • "Jack Herer strain, helps with focus and creativity." C.M.

  • ADD, "Durban Poison, helps with focus and impulse control." B.H. 

Florida MMJ Strains for Autism

10mg of 9lb Hammer used with CBD oil, "takes the edge off." Sativa strains did not help.  Anyone who wants more information can contact us at  

Florida MMJ Strains for Epilepsy

Epilepsy, also known as Seizure Disorder is a medical condition that poses a serious risk to affected persons.  As a Medical Doctor I never recommend any patient suddenly discontinue medication that is currently being prescribed to control their seizures.  MMJ can be added to a patients current medication regimen and once we can document good control of siezure activity then with the help of the patients neurologist we can then titrate or discontinue other medications.  I always reccomend that my patients keep a journal of medicaiton and siezure activity when starting any new medicaion.  I typically reccomend that patients with epilepsy use MMJ high in CBD and in the oral form because of its slower absorption rate and longer lasting effects.

  • Complex Partial Seizures.  "I use a 16:1 (CBD:THC) vaporizer because it can be used descreatly while at work.  It gives me no high effect at all and has significantly reduced the amount of seizures I've had at work" No initials for patient conidentiallity

Best Florida Strains for Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • I use medical marijuana to help with a Traumatic Brain Injury.  I use CBC and a Sativa strain called Clementine.  It helps me during the day with memory and focus.  It has helped me be able to return back to work.  G.H.



Florida Medical Marijuana Strains [ Patients FAQ's ]


North Florida Sports and Spine Center will continue our efforts to educate patients, about the best Florida medical marijuana strains to treat any conditions.


1. What is the best way to find the exact medical marijuana strain I want in Florida?

Unfortunately, the dispensaries in Florida are very busy and trying to keep all of their most popular strains in-stock. The easiest way to look for certain strains is to go online and search the dispensaries products to verify the strain you want is available.

2. How do I know which strains will be best for me?

At the initial visit with doctor Joshua Henry M.D., patients will develop a custom-tailored medical marijuana treatment plan, designed around each patient's specific healthcare needs. It will include the medical marijuana strains, and doses, that will maximize the health benefits for each individual patient.


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