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How To Obtain A Jacksonville Medical Marijuana ID Card Today!

If you are looking to find relief from debilitating illness through medical marijuana in Jacksonville, there are a few things you should know.

Jacksonville Medical Marijuana Cards

Here we will help you understand how to obtain a medical marijuana ID card in Jacksonville, or anywhere in Florida in 2019.

Since 2016-2018 Florida has legalized the use of medical marijuana to treat a variety of illness including, but not limited to - Chronic Anxiety, Chronic Pain, PTSD, Cancer and more. Many folks have found that cannabis can be used to replace more addictive medications traditionally used to treat these illness.

Jacksonville Medical Marijuana Cards - cbd oil

Amendment 2 is the legislation that is now Florida law and can be seen in full detail on the Florida Senate Website.

Florida is set up on a regulated MMJ system governed by The Office Of Medical Marijuana Use, in Tallahassee. In order to obtain cannabis in the sunshine state, you must be approved by the OMMU first.

1. The very first thing you must do is come into any one of our 4 conveniently located medical marijuana doctors offices.

North Florida Sport & Spine proudly serves our MMJ patients from Jacksonville, Palm Coast, St Augustine and Fleming Island, FL.

Jacksonville Medical Marijuana Cards

Our MMJ Doctors can help you find the correct medical marijuana products to help your symptoms. Plus go over proper dosing and other important factors to successfully use cannabis as medicine.

Florida allows for the use of high THC and CBD cannabis by patients and we will find the right medicine for your health needs.

Today cannabidiol (CBD) is legal because the federal government enacted the 2018 Farm Bill, which broadly legalized "industrial hemp" is the United States.

Even though CBD oil is legal in Florida, patients can only buy it through state-approved dispensaries. They are required to adhere to much stricter safety and quality standards, then pop up CBD companies, which are free from regulations st the moment.

2. The second thing to do is pay your $75 (as of 3/23/18) fee to the OMMU for your Medical Marijuana Card. This is the Florida state-issued ID card that says you are a legal cannabis patient.

3. Then the 3rd and last thing to do is order your medical marijuana oil, vape oil, topical, or other products specified in your treatment plan.

Jacksonville Medical Marijuana Cards - curraleaf dispensary

There are 13 state-licensed marijuana dispensaries in Florida as of today and they all have multiple locations throughout the state. Plus all the current dispensaries offer a delivery service anywhere in Florida.

Don't forget to ask for your Veterans Discounts throughout this process. We offer our Jacksonville Veterans discounts on marijuana-related office visits, plus the dispensaries offer discounts on their products and services too.

Do you think Medical Marijuana can help you, but you're not sure if you qualify?

We can help, simply CONTACT us and lets see if cannabis is right for you.

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