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See A Palm Coast, FL Marijuana Doctor today - Medical Marijuana Cards

Many people in Florida are already taking advantage of new state laws allowing qualified patients to access the medical benefits of marijuana legally.

Palm Coast marijuana doctors and cards

In 2016 Amendment, 2 was passed by a landslide 72% vote and then state lawmakers signed in this law governing the cannabis industry and regulating licensed doctors and dispensaries throughout the sunshine state.

Here we will help you understand how to see a Palm Coast Marijuana Doctor obtain a cannabis recommendation, under Amendment 2 expanded qualifications. Its much easier now and as of 2018 over 70,000 new patients have already been approved for treatments.

North Florida Sport & Spine is helping people find relief through cannabis for an array for debilitating illness including:

  • Chronic Pain

  • Chronic Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Cancer and Chemo

  • Insomnia

Plus other symptoms that cause similar health problems and can be successfully treated using medical marijuana.

There are currently several convenient locations provided in Jacksonville and the Palm Coast of Florida to serve our growing cannabis patient base.

We can help our Palm Coast patients get approved for the Medical Marijuana cards today.

If you think that MMJ will help you and want to see if you qualify for treatment, just CONTACT us anytime. This new advancement in patient care is helping people deal with illness in a holistic way. Many are getting off more addictive opioid medications using cannabis.

Let our state certified marijuana doctors help you find the right treatment plan and dosage to meet your health goals and together we will pave the way into a new "green" era in healthcare nationwide.

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